a NotRock Holiday Compilation 2016

by NotRockRecords

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This is the 8th installment of the ongoing NotRock Holiday series. Although it is available as a name your price download, it was designed to be free so by all means do just that. We simply give the option to donate some bread if you're so inclined, to support what we do, to aid in the production of physical copies of the compilation and various other promotional outlets. A lot of artists contributed amazing work for this comp so please check it out and PLEASE SHARE it with friends. We hope you dig it. Happy Holidays!
- NotRock Records


released December 7, 2016

Cover Photo: Molly Farrell
Design & Layout: John T. Fisher



all rights reserved


NotRockRecords New Jersey

Not Rock is a record label collective formed in 2000 by John Fisher and James Theesfeld. Operating out of Morris county it is directed by band members and associates committed to MUSIC and DIY ethics.

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Track Name: Solenoids - I'll Die Hard For Christmas
A stranger says make a fist with your toes
Hitch a ride with Argyle in the front of a limo

Holly moved out west and John didn't really wanna

Soon it's like old times at Nakatomi Plaza

Cuz he says the wrong thing maybe 5 minutes in

She's going by her maiden name, he's like nitroglycerin

John hasn't changed, Holly's pissed

In strolls a German Anarchist

His name's Hans Gruber he's got a terrorist team

Cerebral sense of humor and a nasty scheme

If I die I'll die hard for Christmas

If I die I will die hard

A new York cop with nothing to lose

With the exception of a pair of shoes

If I die I'll die hard for Christmas

If I die I will die hard

Hans is locked out he deep sixes Takagi
John slips away barefoot and cocky
Hunting henchmen 13 to 1
Ho ho ho yea i got a machine gun
Picking off the Volksfrei hierarchy
Been bad this year crashed the wrong Christmas party
Grab a bag of detonators, a fistful of c4
Drops a bad guy on a cop car from the 31st floor
Enter officer al Powell
Screaming for backup welcome to the party pal

If I die i'll die hard for Christmas
If I die I will die hard
Come out to the coast and have a couple of laughs
A lifetime's worth of broken glass
If I die i'll die hard for Christmas
If I die I will die hard

Making new friends and going by Roy
Hans is through with the cynical cowboy
Scolds the smart mouth interloper
Seen one too many action movies yippee ki yay motherfucker
Here comes the seat team the quarterback's toast
The cops are outgunned... Well almost
Fuzz cuts the power and the vault swings open
Hans gets the bearer bonds shiny and golden
This was all about money? Holly's in disbelief
Hans says he's anything but petty-an exceptional thief
Up to the rooftop the hostages go
John's the only one who knows it's rigged to blow
Gets the civvies back inside as the gunship takes aim
Jumps tied to the firehouse, chopper's in flames

If I die I'll die hard for Christmas
If I die I will die hard
Out of jurisdiction and impolite
Now I know what a tv dinner feels like
If I die i'll die hard for Christmas
If i die I will die hard

Shares his last smoke with William Clay
Doesn't know it's Hans til it's a little too late
One thing leads to another John's feet are raw
Bloody glass is littered on the unfinished floor
Loads his last two bullets, tapes the gun to his back
Hans has got Holly, says goodbye and attacks
But McClane's a little quicker knocks him out the window
Loosens Holly's watch Hans crashes to the pavement below
On solid ground Holly breaks Thornburg's nose
Al shoots Karl cuz he's on his toes

If I die i'll die hard for Christmas
If I die I will die hard
Helicopters, bullets, glass and bombs
Can't beat McClane, Happy trails Hans
If I die i'll die hard for Christmas
If I die I will die hard
Track Name: The Azrail Noir - Winter's Prophecy
Send the 7 .nex files to the Goddex

I am the puppetmaster themself and so is everyone above spell number 14.16.3.
I've touched it and it was frozen to the bottom of the Mariana's Trench
A burning crane will pull the hanged man from the vat
Filled to the brim with coins of ice crust
I have to exit this giant organic machine, and I'm taking the artifact with me

The Allfather Corporation has built an unspoken monarchy almost completely off camera
[Glossolalia from casting of Kavipsa Curse v2.11]
Demolish the power and return it to the people

The prohecy states that an 8th step will be innovated and adopted
A rift in the tails/tales
A matron of matrices

Let the damned fire all the cannons
I'm destined to survive
The metal you wear around your waist belongs to me
I need this artifact before winter deepens its grip

There's no point in consuming the essence of one that is not a leader or beyond

Harrison Gates III, bring me your father

Your demographic is dying out

(You're using)
(stolen monikers)
(in a dangerous game)

What does it take for you to realize that you're god
Your god and the gods he wages war on are all one demon
Demon, just like me
Track Name: Hides A Well - Countdown
this resolution is wearing out
dissolving like last year
and the year before
hang it up unfinished
piled high like a snow bank
melting under it's own weight
counting down to the next year

the snow weighs down the empty branches
until they collapse onto the roof